Home Security – A Good Home Improvement For a Recession

When money gets tight, we’re less likely to spend it on luxury home improvements. Sure we’d still like those swimming pools, high-end kitchen upgrades, and expensive electronics systems, but for many of us they aren’t in the budget right now.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any trips to the home improvement store at all this year though. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll have some routine maintenance that you don’t want to defer, but you may also want to consider making some home security upgrades.

In times of economic hardship, increasing your home’s security can make a lot of sense. With more people out of work, robberies increase and even random acts of violence can be more common as people’s tensions are high.

I know that even in my quiet semi-rural neighborhood, there have been more instances of break-ins and even robberies in the last year. Just a couple of weeks ago, our little family-run gas station was robbed at gun point. Fortunately, the police caught the robbers after a car chase, but it was eye-opening since we don’t think of this as being an area of high crime (or any crime most of the time).

You may find similar things happening in your own neighborhood these days.

Fortunately, upgrading your home security doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money for a big fancy system that costs thousands of bucks to install and brings extra fees for monitoring each month. There are some simple (and not that expensive) steps you can take:

Upgrade your door hardware. You may want to go “beyond simple door locks” and check into door chains, hinge bolts, rack bolts, and the like.

Change your locks. Unless you were the first person ever to move into your house, condo, apartment, etc., you really have no idea for sure how many keys to your house exist out there. It’s possible that previous owners had extra keys made and handed them out to friends and family for access. Changing locks is an easy upgrade and ensures you know where all the keys to your house are.

Keep garages and storage sheds locked. A lot of folks leave detached garages and storage sheds that are unlocked or poorly locked, but this can be a big mistake. These out buildings often have ladders, tools, and other items that can help burglars gain access to your house. Keep these structures secure.

Keep your home well-maintained. It can be tempting to let the lawn go or let the bushes grow out of control–who has time for yard maintenance anyway–but homes that are in good repair are actually less likely to be targeted. Homes with tall lawns and the like can look vacant, and vacant houses are appealing targets for thieves.

Consider a home security system. While burglar alarms are more expensive than the other upgrades I’ve mentioned, they can be extremely useful. Just having a system (especially something with visible elements such as outdoor security cameras) can be a huge deterrent as burglars would rather break into houses that are easier targets. To save money, check into DIY systems.

While this is just the beginning of home security upgrades you may want to consider, it is a good start. Check out home security blogs and websites for more information and ideas.

Indispensable Luxury Home Floor Plan Accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories for your luxury home floor plan, there is nothing you can’t do! Does it seem like there’s just never enough time between work and family life to get in a little honest golf? Worry no longer! Now there is an indoor golf system which simulates real-life training and playing. With the Golf Boomerang you’ll feel like you’re out there on the fairway playing real golf, even though you are inside at home. With the help of this golf simulation device you can practice your game any time, any place, and save money in the process. The Golf Boomerang lets you practice golf in a limited area. You can adjust the distance the ball flies from 60 up to 200 feet; after you hit the ball, the Golf Boomerang catches it and returns it back to you, so you can continue working to improve your shot.

How about an accessory to help mom keep her cool in the kitchen? Trying to efficiently fan out the kitchen when cooking a huge meal for lots of people can take forever, and make for a hot and steamy atmosphere. But now there’s a better way to manage the cooktop – with a retractable downdraft hood with interior blower. The hood gives complete control over kitchen ventilation, featuring a 600 CFM motorized interior blower, touch activated telescoping mode of operation, speed adjustable controls, automatic off capability, and other useful features. Measuring 26 1/8″ wide by 2 1/8″ deep, the hood is installed behind your cooktop. When you need more ventilation you just retract it upwards – like a peek a boo – so it isn’t visible except when in use.

For some Zen in the art of luxury home plans estates, try a Fierce Fire and Water Zen Bowl. All backyard fountains are luxury must-have features, providing entertainment for family and friends, and this one adds some Feng Shui to your outdoor space. The Fire & Water Zen Bowl Table / Floor Fountain is even more eye-catching than your normal luxurious fountain, since it adds rock, slate, and metal to the fire and water theme. The water cascades down tiers of slate, and background fire is provided by an oil burner. The fountain is a peaceful, tranquil balancing act between water and fire that enhances any backyard, patio, or pool area.

Coffee time? If it’s impossible to get through your busy day without a continuous flow of coffee, or if you are looking for a more inexpensive option to support your habit than trips to Starbucks, invest in a super home coffee machine like the Krupps Expresso Machine which makes espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. It’s sized to fit right on the luxury bungalow house plans counter, and it has a metal cup-warming tray to keep your coffee warm. The machine makes four cups at a time, and has a glass carafe with removable metal drip tray. You can even make it ahead of time and take freshly-brewed latte to go with you.